Tuesday, October 13



Our media team is connected to the most important international editors of the sailing, sport and lifestyle media.We cover the production and distribution of video, photo and documentation before, during and after each event.With our media team and technique we reach 150+ countries worldwide. We present the team and event sponsors professionally, promote them as best as possible and thus achieve extraordinary results.

We guarantee fixed broadcasting time in the worldwide best known TV and online sailing and action sports magazines. According to the client’s demands and target group, we can draw on media partners within TV, radio, internet and print. At the crucial moment – at the right place – with the best technique. That’s the power of our team.

We know where to place the video and photo cameras, when the yachtsmen and crews deliver close races bending closely around the buoys, or when they make daring manoeuvres against wind and waves.

We think visually and wish to thrill the audience with the best possible pictures.Our network has been built over two decades and offers the best possible efficiency for the team partner and event sponsors as well as for the sailing and yachting sport.You can draw on our experience from the Olympics, America’s Cup and the Volvo Champions Race.